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The Leading Learning Partner Association (LLPA) is a consortium of renowned training centres, each of them a leading IT training company in their country. Together we deliver holistic multi-vendor training solutions, at any time, in any language – anywhere in the world.

The Leading Learning Partners Association the winner of Learning 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year. We are still proud of this great achievement, recognized for accelerating the customer skilling journey during a year of the pandemic. In 2021 we are excited to hand over the baton to this year’s winner. We will continue to serve every customer in every corner of the world to empower themselves to achieve more. We continue to be the Leading Learning Partners Association!

Microsoft Partner of the Year
Associating best-in-class IT training providers
Central source of successful, consistent global IT training projects
IT training center locations in 55+ countries
Leading IT vendor certifications and technology skills enablement solutions
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It is vital that we, as learning partners, do what we can to support the people of Ukraine. With our network, capabilities, and resources near and within the European countries affected by the humanitarian crises, it is our duty to take on the leading role of providing skilling aid to support these refugees in need. As a result, the LLPA has initiated and developed a skilling aid project called #SkillsForUkraine as part of the platform Jobs for Ukraine (

We encourage all training organizations across the globe to join us, in an effort, to bring new skills to these refugees.