Algebra ( is the biggest and the fastest growing educational group in Croatia. In the 25 years of Algebra’s existence, more than 170 000 individuals have completed its different types of educational programs, while each year 15 000 students of different ages enroll in one of the 25 000 seminars and other educational programs offered at Algebra. The institution focuses on higher learning (undergraduate and graduate programs), adult education (continuous learning), corporate courses, offering support to high school graduates with university enrollment and matriculation exams (Matura), digital education of primary school pupils, and eLearning projects. As the highest-ranking professional learning program in Croatia based on quality control criteria of the Agency for Science and Higher Education, Algebra offers undergraduate and graduate professional programs in computer engineering, design, multimedia, and digital marketing, as well as an e-leadership MBA program, in collaboration with one of the top American business schools, the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. Algebra is today the most important educational partner of companies like Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Cisco, Red Hat, VMware, EC-Council, CompTIA, and many others, and it participates in various prominent academic initiatives of these companies, all of which presents numerous advantages for its students. In 2014, Algebra received the Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year Award, and again in 2020, as a member of LLPA association. Algebra’s business centers on continuous investment in educational programs, teaching staff and their training, and the overall improvement of services offered. Today Algebra employs over 200 staff and over 650 teachers and lecturers. 


Gradišćanska 24
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Tomislav Dominković
+38 51 222 2144