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Semos Education is one of the biggest IT training providers in Southeast Europe with over 110.000 people who have successfully completed training. Semos Education operates since 1995, with over 170 trainers and over 400 courses offered to businesses, governments, customers, and students starting their IT, creative, and business careers.

Our trainers are highly educated professionals, with many years of experience in this field. Trainers are being continuously trained in world-famous software companies. Some of our trainers are regularly invited as presenters at world Microsoft conferences and they have held presentations in their line of expertise. We are glad to know that our trainers are winning the highest grades on MTM (Metrics That Matter) and that Semos Education is chosen as a training partner by many companies from around the world.

We are official training partner with the strongest IT leaders in the information technology world with a tendency to increase the number of vendors in the portfolio while serving the market needs. Microsoft, AWS, Cisco, Oracle, EC-Council, ISQI, and VMware are some of them.

Semos Education develops a system of IT education and certification, as an informal education elevating the rank of the computer education and digital skills of its customers. As educated individuals, our customers impact and contribute to their environment, and the companies they work for the society.

Given that digital skills and the application of new IT technologies will be the key to professional advancement and general functioning in the professional world, our goal is to generate profiles in the fields of databases, data analysis, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cyber and network security, cloud technologies, system integration, web and mobile application development, software development, software testing, project methodologies, creative industries, etc. These are just some of the fields that will play a leading role in the upcoming period and will be more and more sought after from the business, government, and public sector in the future.


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