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Microsoft training program at Semos Education was a highly rewarding and enriching endeavor

Industry:  Automotive
Solution Area: Infrastructure Azure
Customer: Aptiv
Training partner: Semos Education

Aptiv is a global technology company that develops safer, greener, and more connected solutions, which enable the future of mobility. Aptiv has 151.000 employees across 16 locations and is focusing on moving most of their services in Azure Cloud. Cloud services are part of their IT strategy in the next 5 years (Going to Cloud) and they would like to expand their knowledge and understanding for specific advanced courses.

Having recently completed 3 groups with 60 learners on Microsoft training at Semos Education, APTIV have expressed satisfaction with the program, especially when it comes to Microsoft Azure Cloud technologies. The feedback received from APTIV following the completion of these sessions has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly in the context of Azure cloud training.

“In summary, the Microsoft training program at Semos Education has proven to be a highly rewarding and enriching endeavor. The positive feedback received from my colleagues has fueled our anticipation for continued proficiency in Microsoft technologies, ultimately enhancing our productivity and effectiveness. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Semos Education and this program to anyone seeking a high-quality education in the realm of Microsoft technologies.”

Igor Andev
Global IT Problem Resolution Manager (Hosting, Network and EUC)
Information Technology

Fast paced world of technology: strategic goals and business growth achieved with the help of IT skilling

Industry:  Telco
Solution Area: Azure
Customer: O2 Czech republic, a.s.
Training partner: GOPAS

The challenges
In the fast-paced world of technology, staying ahead means not just keeping pace with current trends but also anticipating the future.

The journey
Our collaboration with IT training center GOPAS in providing Microsoft courses for our employees is an integral part of our training program. IT training center GOPAS has been our partner in education for many years, and we have always been able to rely on the quality of Microsoft courses they provide.

The major outcome of Microsoft Training delivered by GOPAS

  • Provide practical skills necessary for the effective utilization of Microsoft products
  • Support the ability to adapt to rapidly changing technological trends

“Thanks to IT training center GOPAS educational courses, our company achieves not only good results, reflected in the expansion of our employee’s technological knowledge, but also the attainment of strategic goals and the growth of our business. ”

Mgr. Lucie Dudová, L&D Partner, O2 Czech republic, a.s.

Inclusive IT

Industry:  Education
Solution Area: Networking, Windows Server Administration, Microsoft Azure
Training partner: ETC – Enterprise Training Center


  • Addresses skills gap in the IT sector
  • Qualification of people with disabilities as Microsoft Azure administrators
  • Combining social responsibility and economic need

Social Impact:

  • Offers new career opportunities through IT qualification
  • Contributing to the reduction of unemployment among people with disabilities
  • Promoting inclusion in the labour market

Training programme:

  • 9-month program with 9 courses and 30 modules
  • Theoretical foundations and practical applications
  • Areas: Networking, Windows Server Administration, Microsoft Azure

Supporting Structure:

  • “Coached Learning” supported by MS Teams
  • Individual coaching and expert support

Corporate Cooperations:

  • Collaboration with companies such as Microsoft Austria
  • Support from industry associations
  • Practical training in companies

Achievements and perspectives:

  • Successful job placements
  • Praise from trainers and participants
  • Role model for inclusion and development of skilled workers

“I had the pleasure of completing an apprenticeship called Inclusive-IT at the ETC. During the nine months of training, there was not the slightest thing to complain about. My trainers were extremely competent and very personable. The supply of teaching materials was always satisfactory and punctual. In conclusion, I can say that the training brought me a lot, I learned a lot and broadened my horizons considerably, at least in the IT field. The eight hours of lessons per day were extremely interesting and flew by. Looking back, I can say that I will probably miss this time.”

Heribert Lillich, Participant of INCLUSIVE-IT 2023

Elevating Tourism Excellence: A Digital Transformation Journey with CTU Training Solutions

Industry:  Tourism
Solution Area: Modern Work (Microsoft 365)
Training partner: CTU

In the picturesque landscapes of Kwazulu-Natal, the heart of South Africa’s tourism, the need for digital transformation became apparent as the global landscape shifted towards more integrated, technology-driven experiences. Tourism Kwazulu-Natal, tasked with the monumental role of promoting this vibrant region, faced the challenge of modernizing their operations to enhance efficiency, improve staff productivity, and offer unparalleled visitor experiences. Enter CTU Training Solutions, a beacon of innovation and a Microsoft Training Partner. Recognizing the unique needs of the Tourism sector, CTU embarked on a mission to empower the staff of Kwazulu-Natal Tourism with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the digital era confidently.

Over two meticulously planned sessions in October and November 2023, CTU Training Solutions delivered comprehensive Microsoft 365 Training to 50 eager delegates from the Tourism Kwazulu-Natal team. The training was not just an educational endeavor but a transformative experience that equipped the team with the skills to leverage Microsoft 365’s suite to its fullest potential, fostering a culture of collaboration, efficiency, and innovation.

The results were immediate and impactful. The staff emerged from the training more confident and equipped to tackle the challenges of the digital age, driving forward the mission of Tourism Kwazulu-Natal with renewed vigor and a modern toolkit.

“We were impressed with the quality and professionalism exhibited through the service provided by CTU Training Solutions. Their consultative training and development solutions have not only enhanced our operational efficiency but have also enriched our staff’s skill set, making them more adept at meeting the needs of our visitors. I highly recommend CTU Training Solutions as a trusted learning partner.”

Michelle Thavar, HR Department, Tourism Kwazulu-Natal

Paving the Way to Digital Mastery: CTU Training Solutions & eThekwini Municipality's Journey

Industry:  Government
Solution Area: Modern Work (Microsoft 365)
Training partner: CTU

In the bustling city of Durban, the eThekwini Municipality’s Engineering Unit, responsible for Roads & Stormwater Maintenance, recognized the need to enhance their digital capabilities to improve service delivery and operational efficiency. The challenge was not just about adopting new technology but ensuring that the staff were fully equipped to leverage these tools in their daily operations.

CTU Training Solutions, with its proven track record as a Microsoft Training Partner, was chosen to lead this transformative journey. The training was meticulously planned and executed at CTU’s state-of-the-art training centre in Umgeni, focusing on Microsoft 365, a suite of tools designed to foster collaboration, productivity, and innovation.

The sessions were met with enthusiasm from the staff across several eThekwini Municipality regions, who appreciated the practical, hands-on approach that CTU Training Solutions provided. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with staff members feeling more confident and prepared to apply their new skills in their work environment, marking a significant step forward in the Municipality’s digital transformation efforts.

“We have received a good rating and feedback from our staff that attended the Microsoft 365 training conducted by CTU Training Solutions. This training has not only equipped our team with essential digital skills but has also enhanced our operational efficiency and service delivery. We highly recommend CTU Training Solutions for their professionalism and expertise in delivering high-quality training solutions.”

Aaron Nhlabathi, Senior Technician: Roads and Stormwater Maintenance, Engineering Training Centre, eThekwini Municipality

Bridging the Digital Divide – CTU and Microsoft’s Nationwide Initiative to Empower the Youth with AI Skills

Industry:  Education
Solution Area: AI & Data Solutions
Training partner: CTU

In an era where technological proficiency is not just an advantage but a necessity, CTU Training Solutions, in partnership with Microsoft, embarked on a visionary initiative to bridge the digital divide in South Africa. The Microsoft AI Youth Project, a bold endeavor aimed at demystifying Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the nation’s unemployed youth, has emerged as a beacon of hope and transformation. Launched in February 2024, this nationwide initiative welcomed 220 learners across twelve CTU campuses, from the bustling urban centers to the serene towns, marking a significant milestone in digital education. The project was not merely an educational program but a life-changing journey for many, designed to unlock the potential of young minds through the power of AI.

The curriculum, a comprehensive blend of technical knowledge and soft skills, covered essential topics from the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) to Workplace Readiness, alongside specialized courses like AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals and AI-050 AI Solutions with Azure OpenAI Service. This holistic approach ensured that learners were not only technically proficient but also equipped with the critical thinking and communication skills vital for success in the modern workplace.

A testament to the project’s success is the achievement of all 220 learners, who not only completed the AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals course but also received badges and attendance certificates for CTU’s 4IR course. This accomplishment underscores the initiative’s effectiveness and the learners’ dedication to embracing the future of technology.

“The Microsoft AI Youth Project has been a transformative experience, simplifying complex AI concepts and opening up new pathways to opportunity and growth. The dedication and expertise of the CTU facilitators have been instrumental in our learning journey, making AI accessible and engaging. This initiative has not only equipped us with valuable skills but has also inspired us to explore further in the field of technology.”

Collective feedback from participants at various campuses

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Empowering digital transformation of financial institution with Microsoft Data Analyst Training Program

Industry: Finance Sector, DSK Bank (part of OTP Group)
Solution Area: Data & AI with focus on Data Analyst roles with Microsoft PowerBI
Training partner: ITCE

Story : The ability to make fast business decisions relies on data visibility and reporting. Our customer wanted to invest in Power BI data analysts to meet the challenge of data visualization and reporting and enhance their digital transformation journey.

As TSP, ITCE provided a contemporary training program based on official Microsoft courses and custom-developed training tailored to a specific customer need and aiming certification – PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst.

Facts: In 12 months, we trained more than 100 students in flexible modalities including instructor-led training, self-paced study, lab environment, and exam preparation. Our participants dedicated more than 200 hours to instructor-led sessions, with feedback rating of 4.7 out of 5 points and their successful certifications has culminated in an outstanding 85% of all students sitting on the exam.

“Thanks to this training program we achieved our goal to develop our needed Power BI Data Analyst capability in such a short period.”

Radoslava Krosneva, Head of Human Resources Directorate.

Hybrid training in a leading Telco company

Industry:  Telco
Solution Area: Data & AI and Business Applications
Training partner: Algebra

“Microsoft courses PL-300: Power BI Data Analyst and DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals delivered by Algebra provided us with comprehensive experience in working with key and emerging technologies that constitute the core of our large business system within an international corporation. Through a carefully designed and personalized approach, we initiated our learning journey with the DP-900 training in a hybrid format, offering a solid introduction to data concepts and related Microsoft Azure data services and making a solid ground to proceed with Power BI. This integrated approach, combining self-paced learning and instructor-led training, truly rounded out our education and enhanced its effectiveness. The program helped me acquire fundamental knowledge and upgrade existing skills. I would recommend it to anyone working with tools that are an indispensable part of modern business operations”

Dražen Delibašić, Data Base Administrator, Croatian Telecom Hrvatski Telekom d.d.