LLPA Members Facilitating Professional Webinars and Online Training for Leaders and Innovators

In light of recent social and economic changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, several of our members are facilitating professional online training courses and webinars.

The purpose of these interactive digital workshops is to make learning accessible to business leaders and professionals from the comfort of their home working environment. We understand the need for continuous education and training, despite these uncertain times.

Just last year, published statistics showing that comprehensive online training programs can lead to a 218% increase in revenue per employee, with 72% of organisations believing that eLearning provides their teams with a competitive advantage.

Indeed, online learning is a flexible, cost-effective way for business leaders and their teams to develop skills and access valuable information from any location. 

As part of our response to COVID-19, several of our members are providing free webinars via our ‘Free Virtual Knowledge Depot’. In addition to this, we are hosting the ‘Global Cloud Skills Virtual Series,’ which will be live every Tuesday and are designed to educate leaders about cloud technology adoption, growth mindset, and how to achieve customer success using cloud skills.

These webinars will be ‘live’ every Tuesday until June 30th, with several ‘on-demand’ accessible at all times. For a comprehensive list of our member’s offerings, click here.

As technology advances, continuous learning becomes increasingly important. Today’s leaders must upskill themselves and their teams to maintain a competitive advantage adapting to innovation within their industry.

LLPA Members Available Courses and Webinars: A Brief Synopsis

We’re incredibly proud to have over thirty partner organisations worldwide, each sharing their professional IT skills and insights and collectively training millions of students every year. 

Below is a brief introduction to some of the most exciting webinars and courses that we are providing over the coming weeks. Don’t worry if you can’t stream the webinars at the times that they go live, many of them will be recorded and readily available on-demand for many months.

Upcoming Live Webinars

June 12th, 2020: Azure Streaming Solutions (LLPA) 

Join Vladimir Munzy as he discusses streaming technologies and data processing in cloud environments. Vladamir will outline the interesting ways that cloud environments help organisations for efficient and correct data ingestion using neverending streams. Participants will be offered an alternative solution to traditional client-server oriented approaches. Click here to register.

June 29th, 2020: Powershell in the Land of DevOps (LLPA)

Join Michael Grafnetter of GOPAS later this month to learn how the PowerShell scripting language can assist you with several DevOps scenarios. Michael will explain some of the PowerShell features that can help in automating the deployment of server applications, before discussing how to validate infrastructure configurations against well-defined baselines and orchestrating software tests with Azure or GitHub. Click here to register.

On-Demand Webinars

C3 Dynamics Workshop (LLPA)

During this webinar, Microsoft MVP Giorgio Garcia-Agreda and expert Dynamics consultant Harro Knook provide an in-depth analysis of the latest innovations across Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365. Viewers will learn about how Microsoft business application skills can accelerate their business. Click here to watch now.

Teams for Education (Computrain)

This webinar is aimed at teachers from all levels of educational institutions, from primary schools through to universities. The video is packed with tips on how to leverage Microsoft Teams to create classes, assign projects, designate workgroups, develop analyses, and automate processes. Ultimately, the information in this webinar will help teachers to reduce their workload and free up time to offer more personal attention to their students. Click here to watch now.

Device Management with Azure (LLPA)

During this webinar, IT expert Goce Agirov explains how to make sure that your users can access your resources from devices that adhere to security and compliance using Microsoft Azure. This webinar is a must for Data Protection Officers and IT security professionals. Click here to watch now.

These are just a handful of the live events that we have lined up or archived in our database. You can access a full list of all upcoming and on-demand webinars by visiting our LLPA Member Public Schedule pages. Here, you will find links to a wide range of online courses curated by LLPA members. You’ll find exclusive courses from vendors such as Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Suse, Oracle, and many more.

The Benefits of Virtual Training

Virtual training offers a range of benefits compared to face-to-face seminars and workshops. These include:

  • Increased Convenience.
  • Schedule Flexibility.
  • Knowledge Retention.
  • Immediate Feedback.
  • Increased Participation & Engagement.

Every learning provider that we work with offers a unique learning experience for business leaders. Before attending a webinar or online lesson, customers can prepare their tools and space for learning. They benefit from learning at their own pace, and can always pause the webinar or rewind back to a part that is relevant and important to their individual needs.

The need to coordinate time and travel arrangements for multiple attendees is eliminated in virtual training, as the process is also beneficial for on-the-job skill implementation. Customers can learn at their own pace and have a world of information, taught by seasoned professionals, at their fingertips.

The New Normal

Another benefit of virtual training is the ability to educate remote teams. 

COVID-19 has disrupted thousands of businesses across the world, forcing them to ‘go-remote’ and changing the infrastructure of the modern office forever.

However, it’s not all bad.

We could argue that the recent pandemic has accelerated change that was inevitable in the way that we work and do business.

Technology continuously evolves and innovates, and it was only a matter of time before ‘remote-teams’ became standard practice for many businesses.

We can see this from the rapid increase in remote employment pre-COVID-19. Between 2013 and 2018, there was an increase from 18 to 24% of employees working from home at least half a day each week.

Remote teams offer enormous advantages for businesses, including:

  • Hiring the best talent in the world, not just your area.
  • Saving utility and admin costs and invest these in developing a world-class team through training.
  • Providing more space for creativity, productivity, and growth for businesses.

Once you’ve hired the best staff in their respective roles from all over the world, the money that you’ve saved on rent, utilities, and physical assets can be re-invested into virtual training. This allows employers to provide conscientious development opportunities for all of their staff, which is beneficial to all parties.

In a world that’s continually adapting to change, remote teams and virtual learning tie in with the digital trends of today.

Consider the recent success of the SpaceX Crew Dragon into orbit; this mission wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t created visual training programs and simulations to prepare the crew for this incredible moment in history.

As professionals, we must adapt or lose our competitive edge, and here at LLPA, we’ll work tirelessly alongside our partners to provide the leading source of online education and virtual training opportunities to help your business take off and thrive.