Evolving Education, as the coronavirus pandemic requires everyone’s adoption to digital transformation.

We are facing a new reality, many of our members in all parts of the world have reported customers trying to keep pace with and adjusting to this new reality we face. It’s surreal to see how society has changed so dramatically in such short period. Some governmental institutes state that this situation could last for months if not a year. The virtual training ERA is here. In two weeks as the dust settles and individuals and organizations adapt to this reality of working from home, more and more virtual training will pave the way to organizations remaining productive, agile and keeping abreast of the economic challenges that we are predicted to face in the months to come. Our members have shown the utmost innovation and flexibility during these challenging times - Patrick Kersten, LLPA Chairman of the Board


Free Virtual Knowledge Depot To Support You During Covid-19.

This page includes resources, valuable insights, tools, online events from our members and vendors to help you navigate through this crisis.


Sovelto put together five tips to help you get started with distance learning and get the most out of the time and money you invest in education.

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Best Practice

Best Practice – How do you move tens of thousands of employees to remote work overnight? Read about best practices for enabling effective remote work.

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Virtual Training

View over 500 virtual instructor-led courses offered by our 33 leading learning members in 52+ countries.

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A Senior Consultant and Partner from Sovelto shares tons of tools for the SCCM Admin.

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Free webinars

Upcoming and On-Demand Webinars. Choose between a variety of unique webinars to attend hosted by our members worldwide to support you during these challenging times.

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Training resources

Microsoft Teams – Quick Start video guides and short tutorials to help you and your teams quickly and easily switch from in-person meetings to virtual.

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Rumos launches free courses: The Portuguese training and certification company launched a cycle of free e-learning courses that allow you to take the first steps in various areas of IT

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topic of the day

Empowering Microsoft Partners with ‘hidden’​ benefits: Partner Development Manager, Daphne van Vliet provides an extensive overview of resources with a focus on upskilling.

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Podcast of the day

Podcast with Kamin Taute: The 4th industrial revolution brings exciting employment opportunities, CTU Training Solutions‘ guest speaker Kamin Taute talks about how companies should position themselves for this digital generation in their latest podcast.

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Microsoft Training Discounts

Discounted Microsoft Courses: Get up to 35% discount on your next Microsoft Azure course in Austria, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey or Hungary. Choose an award-winning LLPA member to keep your Microsoft skills fit this summer. Plan. Equip. Prepare. Achieve!

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