We know that using right technologies with right skills, anybody can work smarter and get better results. Our mission at Sovelto, is to coach individuals and organizations to achieve a successful and manageable change. Change happens by learning. In any learning process there is always four stages: Identify Skills Gap, Learn, Apply new skills and finally Prove new skills.

Sovelto is the leading Learning Company located in Finland with offices and training facilities in Helsinki (HQ) and Tampere. Basically we help your customers Globally Online. Sovelto’s focus is to improve customers’ business opportunities by developing Leadership, Technology and Productivity skills with high-quality learning and consulting services based on each customer’s and learners’ unique needs.

Sovelto utilize modern learning methods when delivering training services. Our customers can decide between 3 methods: Sovelto Intensive (instructor-led training in classroom or online), Sovelto Virtual (self- study courses) and Sovelto Hybrid (Blended learning solution).

Discover today’s top skills for Cloud Developers, Admins, Architects and DevOps or Data & AI Engineers as well as Methodology Specialists and Leaders and visit our website:

Don’t let a skills gap stand between you and your goals! Contact us and let’s start learning together!


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Executive Coach
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