Training to become a DevOps Artisan

More than half of businesses worldwide have difficulty finding people with the necessary DevOps skills. At the same time, DevOps engineers are in the top 3 hiring priorities for IT leaders, as revealed by a recent survey among US companies.

To help all IT professionals grow their DevOps technical skills and process knowledge, and keep up with the break-neck pace of developments in DevOps environments, Bittnet Training is launching its new live-virtual curriculum, DevOps Artisan.

Whether you are studying for a certification, looking to expand your process or automation skills, or just starting out with the DevOps methodology, our new hands-on virtual programs available on DevOps Artisan have got you covered. Taking into account the increased workloads and ever-tightening DDLs that IT pros are confronted with nowadays, we’ve also designed our hands-on training to be as time-efficient as possible – they will help you understand the concepts fast and then practice real coding and programming challenges in actual cloud environments, with expert guidance at every step of the way.

Bittnet’s innovative approach to DevOps training relies on the following pillars.

Online DevOps training based on the latest technology

The DevOps Artisan training curriculum covers tools and practices from major technology areas like DevOps networking programming and operating systems, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Here are the main technologies that we’ll focus on:

  • AIOps
  • Analytics
  • Configuration
  • Containers
  • Continuous Integration
  • Deployment
  • Machine Learning
  • Messaging
  • Monitoring
  • Programming
  • Security
  • Source Control Management
  • Testing
  • Web Server
  • Web Service Stack.

Expert trainers who are engineers at the core

Our trainers are all engineers or developers with many years of experience, highly certified in the technologies they teach – Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, Linux, Amazon Web Services, Citrix, IBM, ITIL®, RedHat, Adobe, Avaya, Dell-SonicWall, EMC, HP, Juniper and SAP.

What’s more, over the past years they have developed and delivered DevOps courses to over 2,000 IT professionals working in cutting edge tech companies across the world. Our trainers are expert at leveraging the latest capabilities of virtual learning environments, as they have already held numerous live virtual courses across 5 continents.

For DevOps Artisan, our trainers employ the same methodology that has been highly appreciated by trainees so far – 70% of the time consists of hands-on practice and sharing real-life knowledge and experience. The trainers constantly encourage experiential learning, using various challenges or even games that allow practitioners to make full use of their newly acquired skills. The remaining 30% of training time is dedicated to mastering the fundamentals of the various studied technologies.

Multi-platform implementation with virtual labs

The other pillar of our approach to online training is the multi-platform implementation in all cloud environments. We have set up virtual labs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), where you’ll be able to practice hands-on and see the actual results of your work.

Step-by-step guidance while you learn

All courses in the DevOps Artisan curriculum provide step-by-step guidance to help you organize and optimize your work, including the latest best practices as well as readily available tools and apps set up so you can finish your projects on time (Docker, Git, Selenium, Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes, Nagios, Terraform etc). The focus is always on how to implement the learned concepts and on gaining functional knowledge.


In today’s economic environment, where all companies and IT teams have to manage tight budgets, DevOps Artisan also brings an optimized cost/benefit ratio. Live-virtual delivery means more affordable training prices, allowing for savings of up to 40% compared to in-person, on-site classes. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that a course brings no tangible benefit to you or your company, you can apply for a full refund.

How to start becoming a DevOps Artisan

To discover how DevOps Artisan can help you learn how to solve problems in the best way possible to reduce downtime and costs, while increasing manageability, reliability, and scalability in the long run, check out our website.


About Bittnet

We at Bittnet believe you can learn anything faster, with hands-on advice and practice. We’ve been training tech enthusiasts and professionals since 2007, helping them accelerate their careers or take on a different, better path.

We are a team of human-centric trainers, who put practice and empathy first, knowing that doing is the best way of learning. Our straightforward, pragmatic approach has earned us solid partnerships and exciting projects with top companies like Adobe, UiPath, Avira, Atos, KPMG, Vodafone and many more.

We have globally acknowledged certificates: Cisco Learning Partner, Cisco Certified Gold Partner, Microsoft Silver Learning Partner, Microsoft Cloud Partner, Microsoft Silver Datacenter Partner, Oracle Authorized Education Center, Oracle Silver Partner, VMware Solution Provider Partner, IBM training provider – via GlobalKnowledge, Amazon Web Services Training Partner, Google Cloud Partner.

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