LLPA Teams Up with CertNexus to Elevate Emerging Tech Training and Certification

Amsterdam, September 26th, 2023 – The Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA) is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with CertNexus, adding a robust lineup of in-demand emerging technology certifications and micro-credentials to our educational portfolio.

Why This Matters

In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, businesses are increasingly relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Internet of Things (IoT), and Cybersecurity solutions to stay competitive. The human element—those responsible for implementing and maintaining these technologies—remains the most valuable and potentially riskiest asset for any organization. The need for specialized skills in emerging technologies has never been more critical.

The CertNexus Advantage: Elevating Professional Skills

CertNexus specializes in certifications that equip professionals with best-in-class skills in AI/Machine Learning, Data & AI Ethics, Data Science, IoT, Cybersecurity, and Secure Coding. Their globally recognized programs and high-stakes exams validate the expertise of Data, Developer, IT, and Security professionals. Additionally, CertNexus micro-credentials offer targeted knowledge for business leaders, project managers, and other stakeholders, enabling them to make informed decisions and lead projects effectively.

The Financial Stakes

With billions of dollars in play, as technology continues to evolve, the stakes are high. The IoT industry alone is projected to quintuple by 2025, with an estimated 75 billion devices. Meanwhile, the average cost of a cyber-attack on a company stands at $3.86 million. Additionally, the accelerating demand for AI/ML and Data Science competencies in the workforce requires a robust and ambitious training and certification approach, and one that the LLPA will position itself as spearheading in the global markets that its network reaches. Investing in training and skill verification is not just advisable; it’s essential for growth and security.

What CertNexus’ President Says

“We’re thrilled to have LLPA as a Strategic Partner,” said Jeff Felice, President, CertNexus. “We’ve developed courses, certifications, and micro-credentials that offer standardizations in the world of emerging technologies, and the fact that LLPA member network will increasingly expand its offerings to include our courses further exemplifies the necessity to certify such skills. We’re excited to join forces and support their ability to deliver the latest, high-stakes emerging tech training and certifications to the businesses they serve across the world.”

A Word from Our Board Director

“In an era where technology is rapidly reshaping industries and economies, our partnership with CertNexus is a strategic move to equip professionals with the specialized skills they need. From Artificial Intelligence to Cybersecurity, the demand for these skill sets has never been higher. This collaboration is more than a partnership; it’s a commitment to empowering the global workforce for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead,” said Patrick Kersten, the board director of LLPA.

About CertNexus

CertNexus is a vendor-neutral certification body that provides emerging technology certifications and micro-credentials for Business, Data, Development, IT, and Security professionals. For more information, connect with CertNexus at

About LLPA

Founded in the Netherlands in 2013, LLPA is a global organization present in over 55 countries. Our mission is to be the leading global cloud skills services organization, ensuring that cloud skills are accessible to all, at any time, across the globe. Our network of trusted members, each a leading IT training company in their respective countries, has trained over 500,000 students per year, covering more than 90% of the European GDP.

What’s Next

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