Closing the IT Skills Gap
How Job-Screening Helps Companies Develop Digital Talent

While it took Spotify 150 days to reach 1 million users, ChatGPT only needed 5. In today’s digital age, technology is at the forefront of many industries. From healthcare to finance, leisure to IT services: businesses of all sizes rely on IT systems to stay competitive and meet customer demands.

However, the increasing demand for skilled IT workers has created a significant problem – a shortage of qualified IT professionals and of qualified candidates for the job.

Is Your Next IT Talent in Your Workforce?

To overcome this significant hurdle towards digitization, ETC in Austria asked a simple question: what about hidden talent? In order to unlock IT potential, the Austrian Training center developed a new Job-Screening tool. This tool provides companies and employees with an IT skills certification, the Dig-CERT, which recognizes digital general knowledge in everyday life and work. In other words, it helps companies identify the digital skills that all employees should have, regardless of industry, function, or individual educational background.

So, How Does Job-Screening Work?
To assess the digital skills of their workforce, companies go through 3 simple steps:

  1. The employee completes a 30-minute online self-assessment.
  2. Next, there’s a further test to assess IT skills using the framework of fit4internet’s Dig-CERT.
  3. Finally, if the employee meets the requirements, further vendor-based tests can be taken during a counseling session. Based on their individual results and the needs of the company, the candidate will be presented with further training and job role packages to help fill the vacancy.

With over 90% of today’s jobs requiring digital skills, it’s essential that organizations have a reliable way to assess and develop the digital skills of their workforce. So whether it is to maintain an IT infrastructure, to develop new products, or simply for day-to-day business: Job-Screening is a practical solution to the IT skills gap.

A Great Support for HR Managers

The good news? Job-Screening not only helps CEOs understand where their company is at. It’s also a powerful tool for HR managers who want to test the IT skills of their new candidates and make sure that they are fit for the job.

Over 1,000 people have already completed a job screening and had their knowledge evaluated. By knowing which current employees have the most talent to fill an IT role, and which candidates have the most IT potential, companies can now make informed decisions about the skillage of their workers and recruitment.

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