Boost Your Career: Enroll for the LEVEL UP! Microsoft Skills Week

It’s been a year since Microsoft announced its commitment to help 25 million people worldwide acquire the digital skills needed in today’s work environment. Technical skills are needed in all industries and are not limited to programming. The advent of automation platforms has created opportunities for people to be trained to use these digital tools.

Dynamic companies need professionals that are comfortable with cloud computing, who understand the fundamental principles of machine learning, computer vision, and Natural Language Processing.

One way for job hunters to acquire these skills is to sign up for the LevelUP! Microsoft Skills Week. Individuals who want to boost their skills set can enroll, and companies that need these skills in their operations can support their current technical and other interested staff to upgrade their skills by enrolling them in this training opportunity.

The LevelUP! Microsoft Skills Week is being presented by the members of the Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA). The training comprises a MeasureUp Practice Test as well as a Microsoft Certification exam.

The training runs from the last week of September through October/November.

MeasureUp practice test

The MeasusreUp Practice Tests offered by PearsonVUE are invaluable preparation for taking certification tests. These practice tests are purpose-designed to help prepare participants for their certification exams.

The practice tests help to assess areas that need improvement and determine student’s readiness for certification exams. Doing these practice tests also helps participants to develop their confidence ahead of the certification exam. MeasureUp is a trusted support partner of many prominent IT certification programs.

Online Skills Plan Builder

It is not always obvious for companies to know exactly what their Microsoft training needs are. There are a plethora of Microsoft certifications, and it’s important to invest time and money in the certifications that would best meet the company’s needs.

Identifying the exact gaps is not always easy, so the LLPA has developed an Online Skills Plan Builder that offers training managers a complete overview of their organization’s current skills. This tool helps companies and organizations make the right decisions when it comes to upskilling their workforce. The Skills Plan Builder further assists decision-makers by outlining definitive learning paths that are aligned to company objectives.

The Online Skills Plan Builder offers the following benefits:

  • A complete cloud adoption skills plan tailor-made for each customer organization.
  • A skills plan based on job roles, solution areas, or course selection.
  • Combines skills plans from multiple divisions to gain insight into the overall organizational skills gaps.
  • A single tool to assist with skilling, re-skilling, and upskilling planning of budget, time, and resources.
  • Highlights courses for possible co-funding opportunities via Microsoft Discounted Class Seats​
  • Offers a choice of training modalities suitable for the organizations’ current business projects and staff availability. ​
  • Knowledge consultants ensure alignment between training and business focuses.

An opportunity to gain valuable information and boost your career

All training packages include a fundamentals certification exam. Microsoft’s fundamentals certifications are designed for both IT and non-technical professionals who wish to gain a basic understanding of Microsoft services.

For instance, AZ-900, one of the courses on offer, is an entry-level exam for Azure, Microsoft’s cloud service. This certification contains all the basic information a person contemplating a career in cloud computing needs.

The training will be available in 9 countries and will be aligned to the needs of each country. The training will be available in:






North Macedonia (coming soon…)

Netherlands (coming soon…)


Switzerland (coming soon…)

Certifications that will be covered in this LevelUP! Microsoft Skills Week include all the Microsoft 900 series certification exams. They may not be the same in every country:

  • SC-900 – Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals
  • MB-901 – Dynamics 365 Fundamentals
  • MB-920 – Dynamics 365 Fundamentals ERP
  • PL-900 – Power Platform Fundamentals
  • AI-900 – Azure AI Fundamentals
  • MB-910 – Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM)
  • AZ-900 – Azure Fundamentals
  • MS-900 – Fundamentals
  • DP-900 – Azure Data Fundamentals

The goal is for 300 or more individuals to earn certification by December. As soon as participants have earned their certification and share their digital badge on LinkedIn, they automatically qualify for a 2nd Microsoft Fundamentals exam.

Shared ambition

The LLPA shares Microsoft’s ambition to provide cloud skills training to as many people as possible. With training partners in 55 countries, the LLPA is playing a significant role in helping organizations close their skills gaps and prepare their workforce for the digital future.