7th Annual LLPA Summit in Postojna, Slovenia

7th Annual LLPA Summit in Postojna, Slovenia

The Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA) is excited to be hosting its 7th Annual Member Summit in Ljubljana, Slovenia 9-12 October 2019.

Around 70 executive-level participants and leaders from the most powerful training companies across 5 continents join this exclusive annual event to discover business opportunities, exchange valuable knowledge, share ideas while forging the framework for future-proof and disruptive IT training. Now, this is not your usual death by PowerPoint summit that one could expect. This prestigious event is layered with impactful interactive discussions, debates on critical issues in the learning space, intense collaborative hackathons, problem-solving, identifying and sharing best practice solutions, brainstorming and innovatively shaping the future of IT training and skills development together. Sharing best practices amongst the leading learning members is one of the ways the LLPA helps to improve performance, fill knowledge gaps, enable better decision making, encourage leaders and develop a supportive corporate community.

During this event, we also celebrate success by presenting a Best Practice Award to the LLPA member who accelerated learning in a unique and forward-thinking way.

This event is sponsored by leading organisations: