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The Education division of RealDolmen has been one of the most important players on the Belgian ICT training market since 1982. Initially setup to fulfill the training needs of our own IT professionals, we made it right from the beginning our goal to share the knowledge and experience that we gained with our customers.

The Education Solution consists of three parts:

    We offer classroom training, to groups of ideally no more than eight students. A training session consists of a mix of conceptual explanations, and practical hands-on exercises. The proportion of the two differs in function of the subject of the training, but there is always a very intense interaction between the teacher and the participants.
    We mainly focus on the creation of eLearning projects for custom made applications. We develop demonstration or interactive simulation modules. These modules can be placed on a SharePoint site, internet or intranet page. They can also be uploaded to an LMS (Learning Management System).
    We assist you with documentation in the form of hard copy, online documents, online help and quick start guides. We help to make your product usable, effective, and accepted by end-users. With good technical manuals, documentation and educational materials, you will reduce customer service calls, offer a value-added benefit to consumers, and establish credibility in the marketplace.

Entirely in line with the corporate policy of RealDolmen, the curriculum of courses we offer is exceptionally comprehensive. We invite you to visit our online training calendar ( for an up-to-date catalogue of all the training programs we are able to organize for your organization. For each training, a course description and the course content are available:

  • Information workers: office administration, project management, CAD/GIS, Lync;
  • Software developers: Microsoft, Java, Oracle, generic (UML, SOA);
  • IT professionals: networking, Microsoft Windows client and servers, Linux, ITIL®, VMware;

… and there is much more. We continuously adapt the programs we offer in function of the evolution of the IT technology and the market.




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Tom Knockaert
Unit Manager Education & Technical Writers




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