Since we started in 1993, Cornerstone has trained over 250,000 people from a variety of businesses around the world. In Sweden, we have education centers in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, and Linköping.

Some call us an institution and believe that knowledge is in the walls here. But really, nothing is in the walls, it's a feeling that our people create every day. The employees who together create the new Cornerstone - a competence partner that meets your and your organization’s future needs in a changing world.

Our goal is to be the best in Sweden at competence. We achieve this by creating a trust for each other and taking responsibility for what we do. This allows us to have fun, develop and together create the conditions for people and organizations to grow and develop.

Every year we train over 10,000 people and carry out around 1,000 customized skills development projects in our business areas:

* Business skills
* Infrastructure
* Systems development
* Business development
* User training


P.O Box 1073 Borgarfjordsgatan 4
164 25 Kista, Sweden

Peter Amgren
Key Account Manager