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By providing your personal information, as described in our Privacy and Cookies Policy, you acknowledge and agree to the video and audio recording of your entire testing session and you agree to the processing of such personal information and test data by Pearson VUE and to the transfer of such data to Pearson VUE’s hub server, located in the USA, as the data processor, its authorized third parties, if any, both in the capacity as data processors for the processing of your personal information and test data on behalf of the testing program sponsor, as the data controller, located in the USA or elsewhere. Pearson VUE and other data processing entities, if any, are the recipients of your personal information and test data and are or may be located outside of the European Union and the European Economic Area; however, Pearson VUE will enter into reasonable data transfer agreements with such entities for the purpose of communicating and following the instructions of your testing program sponsor and for establishing reasonable security measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your personal information and test data.

If you choose to take the test through our online-proctoring platform, which is not mandatory in the event that there are other ways of taking the test as determined by the testing program sponsor, you and your computer will be monitored during your entire testing session in real time so that your face, voice, desk, and workspace will be captured and possibly recorded for the purposes of test quality, test security, and the integrity of the testing process. You understand, acknowledge and agree that you will be monitored at your location through audio, technology and video means so all activity at your location will be detectable by test proctors. By accessing this website and ticking this box you signify your acknowledgement and agreement that any inappropriate or wrongful conduct, as determined in Pearson VUE’s or the test proctor’s sole discretion, witnessed while monitoring your testing session will be reported by Pearson VUE to the testing program sponsor and may also be reported to the appropriate governmental authorities, including, but not limited to, any law enforcement officials.

By accessing this website and ticking this box you signify that you understand, acknowledge and agree that if any third party is:

  1. detected as being present in your physical location, whether visible or not; or
  2. overheard in any manner, whether physically detected through movement and making of noise or through sounds irrespective of whether they are in your current location or not during your testing session, the test will be terminated and you will not receive any score. Further, you understand, acknowledge and agree that if your testing session is terminated for this or any other reason you will not receive a test fee refund, credit or voucher.

Facial Comparison Policy

You understand and agree that Pearson VUE may use facial comparison technology for the purpose of verifying your identity during the testing process. It will compare your facial image to the one on your identification and to facial images captured during the testing process and help us further develop, upgrade, and improve this application. If you do not agree to the use of facial comparison technology during your testing session, do not accept this term. You will not be able to complete your registration online. Instead, please call the Pearson VUE call center to complete your registration.

Instructions on how to obtain your Microsoft Pearson VUE ID

  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft account (if you do not have it, create one).
  3. Search for the exam that you want to take.
  4. Click on the exam title.
  5. Click on “Schedule exam” or “Schedule with Pearson VUE” (depending on the exam you are scheduling).

  6. Fill the required fields or verify that your information is up-to-date, then click on “Save & Continue”.
  7. Click on “Schedule exam”.
  8. Click on the double arrow on the left side and you will see your MS ID.