LLPA Hybrid offering

Description of the program

The LLPA offers integrated hybrid programs with a combination of online study and onsite workshops for the courses available on Future Proof.

4 weeks online self study

Step 1 of the program is the online self-study phase of about 4 weeks. Students follow the full course on FutureProof . It is important that students go through all the materials to be prepared for the exam prep workshop.

2-day online Exam Prep Workshop

Step 2 of the program is where a trainer delivers the 1- or 2-day Exam Prep workshop(s). Keep in mind this is not a full course compressed in one or two days. The workshop is to prepare the students that have already done the FULL online course for the exam. The approximate agenda is the following:

  • Recap of all modules and chapters
    • Briefly go over the content of the course
    • Highlight the important topics for the exam
  • Q&A from students

After their exam prep workshop, the students can take their exam. Depending on the project, they will get the exam voucher from Microsoft, LLPA or they can purchase one here.