AWSome Skills Challenge

The Challenge

Hey, thanks for checking out our AWSome Skills Challenge. Do you think you have the AWS skills to make it to the top of the Leaderboard? Go ahead, claim your spot as the best all-round AWS skills champion of 2021 and stand a chance of winning an AWSome $250 Gift Card. You’ll get 20 random AWS “pick-your-brain” type questions to complete in the quickest time.
This competition is designed to keep your mind and skills fit, an opportunity for you to earn your stripes and show the world your AWSome AWS skills. Get your teams and colleagues to join the fun and see how your skills rank up.

How to Participate

Step 1

Complete this candidate registration form

Step 2

Click on the link in your confirmation e-mail

Step 3

Sign in, select the exam and try to complete as many questions correctly as possible in the quickest time

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AWSome Skills Challenge Leaderboard

You have until 30 September 11:59 PM CET to take the AWSome Skills Challenge. Remember to share your AWSome enthusiasm on social media platforms and be sure to include @TheLLPA, @AWS_Partners and use the following tags so we can find and reshare your posts: #TheLLPA #AWSomeChallenge #AWSSummit #AWSSkills #AWS