Sovelto is the leading ICT Training Company located in Finland with offices and training facilities in Helsinki (HQ) and Tampere.

Sovelto concentrates on improving customers’ business opportunities by developing their ICT, Application Development and Information Worker skills with high-quality training and consulting services as well as by answering to each customer’s individual needs.

Sovelto offers more than 500 public scheduled course topics. Last year Sovelto trained a total of 23 000 students. In addition to public scheduled courses, Sovelto offers customer specific courses (i.e. non-public scheduled).

Sovelto offers public scheduled courses in Helsinki and Tampere. Customer specific courses are delivered either at Sovelto Helsinki or Tampere site, at customer location, or in a rented location. Sovelto delivers customer specific courses also outside Finland either at customer location, or in a rented location. Online and Blended (i.e. combination of classroom and online training) events are also provided as part of Sovelto Training Service Catalogue. In addition, Sovelto hosts a certification exam centre, where students can prove their skills by taking various certification exams.


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Helsinki, Finland

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