CTU Training Solutions, an LLPA member in South Africa, in collaboration with Microsoft, has initiated a transformative program designed to empower the youth with AI skills. The program includes a comprehensive curriculum including AI fundamentals, 4IR awareness, and soft skills enhancement. It has successfully engaged 220 learners across 12 CTU campuses, providing internationally recognized certifications and invaluable learning experiences. This initiative equips participants with technical knowledge, fosters soft skills, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of AI’s potential impact on society and the workplace. For more detailed insights, visit the full article on CTU’s website.

“The Microsoft AI Youth Project has been a transformative experience, simplifying complex AI concepts and opening up new pathways to opportunity and growth. The dedication and expertise of the CTU facilitators have been instrumental in our learning journey, making AI accessible and engaging. This initiative has not only equipped us with valuable skills but has also inspired us to explore further in the field of technology.”  Collective feedback from participants at various campuses