The LLPA Battle

Our project LLPA Battle is dedicated to the Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA)  members where technicians compete for the title Best IT Pro and The Best Developer. The format of the local competition could be either online or on-site. The goal is to find the winners of each country, who compete against other LLPA winners in the finals. This year 18 of our members have accepted the challenge and decided to run the LLPA Battle in their courtiers.

The LLPA Battle 2016 is getting closer to the BIG FINAL, it will take place in September ! We are incredibly curios who is going to win the big final and go to the Microsoft Ignite 2017 in the USA. The local competition has already finished in more than 50% of attendees. Let us introduce you winners of some local competition!

In Slovakia, where the LLPA Battle has finished just few days ago the best IT Pro Michal P. was and the best Developer was Peter S.

In Poland the best IT Pro was Krzysztof Pietrzak and the best Developer was Amadeusz Sadowski.

In Croatia the best IT Pro was Marinko Šepić and the best Developer was Dalibor Raičković .

In Slovenia the best IT Pro was Slavko Kukrika and the best Developer was Marko Herič.

In Czech Republic the best IT Pro was Michael Neiman and the best Developer was Pavol Fulop.

Congratulations! If you would like to know more about local competition, please visit our Facebook!





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