Interview with LLPA Battle, Developer 2015 winner

Read a short interview with EMEA´s Best Developer- Lukasz Nojek. He won LLPA Battle in 2015 and went to Microsoft Ignite 2016 in Atlanta.

First congratulations, you are the best IT Pro in the LLPA Battle. Please tell us briefly something about you, where are you from, how old are you, what do you do, what are your interests?

Thank you for the competition and the wonderful prize! I’m a 34 years old man from Poland. Currently I am a Java programmer, but I used to take part of every step of software development in various programming languages. My other interests are very wide: photography, music playing, DIY, electronics – to name same.


Where did you learn about LLPA Battle?

I’ve heard about it in a newsletter from a Polish training company, ACTION Centrum Edukacyjne.


Was the Final LLPA Battle hard for you or you managed to finish it quickly?

It was hard and very short. I didn’t manage to think about every question long enough to have certainty. I think the scores of the competitors tell much about the level of the Battle.


What was the most important for you during the Microsoft Ignite 2016?

Ability to listen about emerging technologies and talk to all the people in the Expo.


Microsoft Ignite is all about getting knowledge direct from the source, what did you learn from them?

Mostly the news – new versions and features to the Office suite, like SharePoint, PowerPoint or Excel. I updated my knowledge on containers and found some new tricks about Angular, JavaScript, latest Visual Studio and PowerShell.


What do you think was the most valuable experience for you?

To feel the energy! I love attending conferences as they fill me with new ideas and energy.




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