EMEA’s Best Developer 2016

Proudly let me introduce you the EMEA’s Best Developer 2016! Paul Hooijenga won the LLPA Battle this year. Paul was the best and also the fastest one in Developer category! Please read the short interview with him which allows you to get to know him better! Congratulation Paul!



First congratulations, you are the best Developer in the LLPA Battle. Please tell us briefly something about you, where are you from, how old are you, what do you do, what are your interests? Thanks!

My name is Paul Hooijenga, I’m a 27 year old software engineer from the Netherlands.

Where did you learn about LLPA Battle? I heard about the LLPA battle from one of my colleagues at work, they thought it would be fun to see how high everyone in the team would score. They never expected that I would win though!

Was the Final LLPA Battle hard for you or you managed to finish it quickly? I think there were some pretty tough questions, but most of them I managed to answer relatively quickly.

Are you excited to go to the Microsoft Ignite 2017?

Of course! I always enjoy traveling and going to conferences, and this gives me the opportunity to go to a conference I would normally not attend.

What are your expectation from the Ignite?

I don’t really know what to expect from Ignite yet, but I hope it will be a fun week, full of interesting talks and inspiring presentations.


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